Get the Meeting Guide Mobile App

With the Meeting Guide App on your phone, you can find A.A. meetings from your current location. The App is free!

You can search for upcoming meetings or if you are traveling, the app will help you locate the type of meeting you are searching for; Men's, Women’s, Discussion, Literature, Open, Closed. 

If the meeting is virtual, it will provide a link for you to easily join the meeting.

The Meeting Guide App is available for iOS and Android smartphones at no charge.

Central Jersey Intergroup meetings are now on this app.

The app syncs with local and INTERNATIONAL general service office websites, relaying meeting information from more than 400 A.A. service entities directly to the app. Over 100,000 weekly meetings are currently listed, and the information is refreshed twice daily.

Meeting Guide features

  • Listing of both in-person and online meetings
  • A default view that provides a list of meetings showing time, location and meeting name
  • A meeting detail view that offers extra information such as meeting format and any notes provided by the group
  • A search function to find meetings by location or keyword
  • A daily quote feature lets users read from “Daily Reflections”
  • Multiple access points that make finding local A.A. contact information easy
  • A news feature with the latest from the General Service Office and Grapevine

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