Volunteer for AA service by joining a committee or taking a 12th step commitment!

The Hospitals and Institutions Committee's concern is the alcoholic in a rehab, whether in a long or short-term institution. This committee schedules commitments and provides information and literature to rehabs and other institutions.

The Literature and Grapevine Committee assures that CJI is stocked with A.A. approved books and pamphlets. These are sold to groups or individuals at cost in order to provide the A.A. message to as many people as possible. This committee also helps make the Grapevine©, A.A.'s meeting in print, available to alcoholics.

Mission Statement:
To grow a strong, healthy, viable service structure that provides Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12 Step Recovery meetings at Central Jersey Institutions, Jails, and Prisons for both men and women.  It is our group’s deep desire to be constantly improving and/or exceeding our goals.

The website committee developed and maintains the CJI Web Site and the CJI computer equipment. This includes posting the current CJI meeting list on the Website. The Website is used to communicate what is going on within CJI, and A.A. as a whole.

The goal of the social committee is to arrange for social events throughout the year that include families and friends of AA members.  Events include picnics, special trips, holiday parties, and much more.

The goal of AA Public Information is to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers by informing the general public about AA, reaching a third parties whose profession is to help the active alcoholic, and by keeping the fellowship of AA well-informed so that members and groups may carry the message more effectively.

The P.I. Committee meeting is held on the second Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Central Jersey Intergroup office. This meeting is open to all interested AA members.

The Newsletter Committee puts together and publishes the CJI Newsletter on a bi-monthly basis. Its mission is to provide information on A.A. related activities in the area. This includes announcements of personal and group anniversaries; listing the donations made to help keep CJI functioning, meeting list changes prior to the regular publishing of new lists and other information.

The Steering Committee is made up of the Panel and the Committee Chairs. It meets monthly to discuss issues concerning CJI and to set the agenda for the upcoming monthly CJI Representative meeting (the Body Meeting).

The 12 Step Hotline answering service committee maintains the "12 step" response list and the scheduling of hotline phone commitments.  This committee assures that when CJI receives a call for help that someone is there to give the needed help.

The Unity Committee schedules and books commitments for CJI representatives to "take a meeting" to groups in the area.
The purpose is for one alcoholic to go to groups to talk about what CJI does.

The Meeting List committee publishes and maintains the CJI AA meeting lists.  Responsibilities include maintaining an accurate listing of registered meetings in the CJI area.  The meeting list is published and distributed to groups providing everyone with current information on meeting times, days and locations.

The Trustees serve as advisors to CJI. They must have at least ten years of continuous sobriety, a record of service in A.A. and previous  knowledge of intergroup.

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